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Getting Grief Right

In 2015, when the New York Times ran Patrick O’Malley’s story about the death of his infant son—and how his inability to “move on” challenged everything he was taught as a psychotherapist—it inspired an unprecedented flood of gratitude from readers that continues to this day.

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Every Common Sight

From the killing fields of the Battle of the Bulge, Wendell Smith brought home to Texas horrible memories of the battlefield…and a secret…the one thing he could not confide to the love of his life.

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I'm Proud of You, My Friendship with Fred Rogers

It began as another newspaper assignment, a celebrity profile of the children’s television icon. But in Fred Rogers, Texas journalist Tim Madigan found more than a fascinating subject. From their first meeting in 1995, at Rogers’ invitation, the two became unlikely friends, a deep and abiding relationship that lasted until Rogers’ death in 2003.

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The Burning

With chilling details, humanity, and the narrative thrust of compelling fiction, The Burning will recreate the town of Greenwood at the height of its prosperity, explore the currents of hatred, racism, and mistrust between its black residents and neighboring Tulsa’s white population, narrate events leading up to and including Greenwood’s annihilation, and document the subsequent silence that surrounded the tragedy.

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